Free Land

2022 Spring Swap at Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, NL

An imaginary empty land that invites people to play, occupy, and leave their mark.

Over thousands of years, From ourselves to contrary to contrary, various border is constantly shifting and being manipulated.
Besides that, different political entities on earth claim ownership of their land. But who actually owns the land? and for what reason can claim the land? Is the order of arrival or the difference in the power of the social Caste System?

In this workshop, Studio Watershore invites participants to claim their land on an empty canvas by playing the game we designed. During the process, they set up their territory and extended it by winning the rock, paper, and scissors. when the two territories meet, they can decide to form an alliance or annex the other.

after a few rounds of workshops, the empty canvas fills up with colorful lines that create by every individual. It represents the trace we left on this world, from an individual to a political body.

You have seven days to draw your land. The winner will be the one who has the most land.

We play Rock Paper Scissors seven times. The winner gets the chance to roll the dice. The dice number is indicated how many steps you can go on this land. You move while you draw and extend your land.

You are allowed to make enemies by occupying their lands or make friends by joining the lands.
If you choose to become friends we will give you a new color pen to indicate your joined land.

Experimental Workshop /Relational art installation, fabric, plastic

In collaboration with: CAVE Collective

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